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LORAN ITALIA is the solution that allows you to travel and make new experiences. Cars of all types will always be at your disposal: small cars, SUVs, luxury cars, motorcycles and minivans as well as a rental service with driver of cars, minibuses and buses.


Your pre-authorization will be released soon after delivery of the car

Safe Cars

Our cars are equipped with all the comforts and always overhauled. Safety is one of our strengths.

Pick up wherever you want

Choose where to pick up and return the car with the convenient Car Delivery service. We are always available.


Our offers

FIAT 500 or

from € 20 per day

1000cc | Manual transmission | Petrol

or similar

from € 21 per day

1200cc | Manual transmission | Diesel

FIAT 500 L
or similar

from € 27 per day

1300cc | Manual transmission | Diesel

PORSCHE MACAN or similar

from € 162 per day

3000cc | Manual transmisison | Diesel


Frequently asked questions of our customers

How to request an invoice?

The invoice will be sent to the email address provided during the car rental booking. The invoice will be sent between seven and ten days following the end of the car rental.

Can I rent a car with a non-Italian driving license?

Yes, if you have a license belonging to a country that is part of the European Community. Otherwise, an international driving license will be required for car hire.

How can I pay?

It is possible to pay in cash (with reference to the limits allowed by law), by credit card, prepaid card, paypal, debit card and bank transfer.

Is it possible to drive the rented car abroad?

Yes, it is possible upon notice and following authorization by the company. In the event of failure to communicate and authorize any responsibility during a possible accident, it will be due to the driver of the rented vehicle.

How long it takes to unlock the security deposit?

The release of the deposit depends on the credit institution, usually between three and seven days. In the event of a claim, up to twenty-eight days for the execution of the damage assessment.

How many drivers there may be in a care?

The maximum number of drivers allowed is three. Every driver must be authorized by the rental company. In the event of an accident caused by an unauthorized driver, the damage to the vehicle will be attributed to it.

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