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You can book the vehicle you have chosen for your trip using the form on our website or at our offices in Bari Airport, Bari Interporto, Brindisi Airport and Alberobello.

Indicates a segment similar to that of the selected vehicle, of equal economic value and with the same comfort.

Minimum age is 21 years with Young Driver supplement.

B licence, valid for at least two years.

We always try to meet your needs: reservations can be changed up to 24 hours in advance at no cost.

You can drive your car abroad, but only with prior authorisation from Loran Italia.

We offer you the convenience of adding up to a maximum of three drivers per vehicle, subject to specific contractual agreement.

Our cars can be diesel or petrol. Hybrid vehicles are also available in limited quantities.

Basic cars have unlimited km, while Premium cars have 100 km per day. You should always check the mileage in your contract at rent.

Of course, we will give you all the information you need and send you a quote with no obligation to sign the contract.

There are different pre-authorisations depending on the type of vehicle.



The documents required to start your rent Loran Italy are: identity card, valid driving licence until the end of the rental period, credit card with clearly visible data.

Don’t worry! Just contact Loran Italia and give us your details to receive a new voucher.

We hope to always respond to your needs in a timely manner. But if you need a category upgrade, you can request it for a small daily supplement. If you are not satisfied with our solutions, you can always cancel the reservation by paying 10% of the amount due.

Simply contact the Loran Italia office that is awaiting your arrival, and report the delay.

Of course. We provide this service on request and with an extra quote.

You can suspend rent and return the vehicle at any time before the end of the rental contract.


You will have to return the car at the location defined in the contract to the operators, who will check it in and check for any damage and the condition of the car. If you return at night, during office closing hours, you can do the smart check-in: our operators will check the vehicle when the offices open.

You can return the vehicle to a different location from the pick-up location according to your needs, by agreement with costs established at the beginning of the rental.

If you need to, you can change the delivery time and change your booking with an upgrade. You will not be able to change the terms of the contract at rent.

Yes, the vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel.

Payments and invoices

At the beginning of the rental period, a pre-authorisation deposit by credit card is requested as a security deposit for the exact fulfilment of the contract. At the end of the rental period, payment will be made and the difference from the pre-authorised deposit will be cancelled.

All major credit cards are accepted: Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Diners. Debit cards are only accepted with the purchase of Total Stress Free cover and for rent of Basic vehicles.

This is only possible by activating TSF for Basic vehicles.

The security deposit is blocked for 20 days.

You can request a hard copy of the rental contract at the Loran Italia desk. You will always receive the invoice and contract by e-mail at the end of the rental period.

Insurance, fines, theft and claims


The insurances provided are: RCA, Theft & Fire and Kasko.

You will have to refer to the special conditions of rent.

Damages are quantified on the basis of the damage table on the Loran Italia website.

Upon receipt of the report, we will forward it to the competent authorities with the name of the driver. You are then entitled to dispute it or pay it directly.

Theft insurance is provided.

In the event of an accident, you will have to fill out the CID (Constatazione amichevole di incidente) and submit it within 24 hours, by email or personally at the Loran Italia office where the car was picked up. You will also have to take care of recovering the vehicle and forward the entire file to our offices so that coordination with the Loran Italia Accident Office can begin. Our toll-free roadside assistance number will give you the support you need if you request it.

You can contact the toll-free number in the vehicle indicated by the Banco operator at any time.

Loran Italia does not provide reimbursement for the theft of goods and objects inside the vehicle. However, you may, upon prior request, add specific coverage to your policy.

All information about Total Stress Free can be found in the Special Conditions of rent.

How to contact us

Just contact our Customer Service Department at:

We are available to provide all the assistance you need at our email address and telephone number +39 0802020024.

We are not responsible for items left unattended after the vehicle has been returned.
Please contact the location where the vehicle was returned as soon as possible so that our operator can help you in the best possible way.


The contract contains a summary of all personal information, the vehicle and services selected and the conditions relating to rent.
For more information we recommend that you check and view our terms and conditions
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